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Allergy Testing

The Ear, Nose & Throat Associates of Chester County Allergy Center specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of all types of allergies. Our allergists order important allergy tests to accurately identify your specific allergens and reactions. Allergy testing can be done as skin tests or as blood tests. Skin testing has been found to be the most accurate and reliable form.

We test for approximately 30 allergens.We are not only looking to see if you are allergic, but alsohow allergic you are so you may receive some of these antigens in weaker or stronger doses, until we find where your particular threshold is. During skin testing allergen is placed under the surface of the skin on the arms. Positive reactions usually appear within 20 minutes and can cause itchy red bumps that will disappear within an hour or so.

An allergy blood test is often used for the following reasons:

  • The patient is taking a medicine that can interfere with skin testing
  • The patient suffers from a severe skin condition such as eczema or psoriasis
  • Testing with a strong allergen might cause an extra large positive reaction
  • A single needle stick may be preferable for babies and very young children

The test results alone do not diagnose allergies. All results, from either type of test, must be interpreted together with the medical history by the allergist.