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Discover the Convenience, Comfort and Accuracy of MiniCAT IQ CT Imaging for Sinus Patients

When you visit ENTACC, your trained sinus care specialist will discuss your symptoms and medical history. Your doctor may decide that a CT scan of your sinuses is necessary to accurately diagnose your condition.

Diagnosis with CT Scanning Technology

CT (or computed tomography) scanners create three-dimensional x-ray images of your anatomy. These images will allow your ENT specialist to give an accurate diagnosis and develop your personal treatment plan.

MiniCAT IQ Stands Out from Traditional Hospital CT Scanners

The MiniCAT IQ in-office CT scanner at ENTACC is specifically designed to image the sinuses and base of the skull, delivering image quality comparable to traditional CT.

Safe In-Office Scanning with MiniCAT IQ

MiniCAT IQ scans deliver a significantly lower dose of radiation than scans taken on full body hospital scanners.

Quick, Comfortable, Convenient Care for ENTACC Patients

Patients enjoy the ease and comfort of CT imaging with MiniCAT CT. Sit comfortably upright in a chair while an overhead arm makes a single rotation around your head. Your CT scan will appear on your doctor’s computer monitor within seconds. It really is that easy!

Enjoy state-of-the-art technology and the comfort of modern treatment options. Contact ENTACC to schedule your consultation with our staff of friendly sinus care specialists.

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