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Videostroboscopic Evaluation Of Larynx

You will be asked a series of questions regarding the onset of your voice problem, your medical history, medications, voice use and specific symptoms. Please inform the physician and speech pathologist if you have had any reactions to topical or local anesthetic agents in the past. A speech pathologist will ask you to speak or perform other voice tasks to assess voice performance. A computer analysis of your voice quality may also be performed.

A small scope will be placed towards the back of the mouth. A numbing agent may be administered for your comfort during the procedure. The scope provides a telescopic video recording of your larynx. The speech pathologist will then ask you to perform various voice tasks to look at the movement of your vocal folds and condition of your larynx. If necessary, a flexible scope may be passed through your nasal passage to gain additional information.

The entire evaluation may take approximately 45 minutes to one hour. However, the total time the scope is in the mouth is approximately 2 minutes. Immediately following the evaluation, the physician and speech pathologist will review your results and provide recommendations including plan of care, voice therapy, medication prescriptions, follow-up referrals or surgery. You should refrain from eating and/or drinking alcoholic beverages for one hour prior to your scheduled appointment. Please arrive 15 minutes early to complete any necessary paperwork.